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Paul Kengor
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Paul Kengor is a professor at Grove City College and the executive director of the College's Center for Vision and Values. Kengor is a frequent television political commentator and opinion page contributor. He is the author of God and Ronald Reagan, God and George W. Bush, God and Hillary Clinton, The Crusader: Ronald Reagan and the Fall of Communism, and co-editor with Peter Schweizer of Assessing the Reagan Presidency. He is currently finishing a major work on Ronald Reagan’s role in his administration’s effort to undermine the Soviet Union. Recently, he has completed an authorized biography of former Reagan confidant and National Security Advisor William P. Clark, Jr.

He received his doctorate from the University of Pittsburgh’s Graduate School of Public and International Affairs and his master’s degree from American University’s School of International Service.

    Topics of Expertise include the following:
  • "Dupes: How Communists Manipulated Liberals/Progressives for a Century-and Still Today"
  • "Potemkin Progressives and Obama Progressives"
  • "What Sort of 'Progressive?' From Potemkin Progressives to Obama Progressives to Margaret Sanger Progressives"
  • "Progressivism and Social Justice"
  • "Progressive Surge and Conservative Crackup? Dissecting What Obama Won-and What Bush Lost"
  • "Two Kinds of Stimulus: Reagan vs. Obama"
  • "Professor Marx? Anti-Anti-Communism and the Academy: Understanding Your Liberal Professor"
  • "Why Ronald Reagan Hated Communism-And Why You Should, Too"
  • "Why Ronald Reagan Hated Communism-Or, What You're Not Learning at Your Liberal College"
  • "Communism 101: What You're Not Learning in College" "A Manifesto on The Manifesto: The Facts and Truth About Marx and His Disciples"

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