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How to Transition from College to Grad School [Infographic]

Listen. Grad school is completely different from college. 

Surprising, I know. But more times than I wish to admit, I’ve seen people struggle to make the transition from student to scholar. 

The key thing is this: when you go to grad school, you're no longer a student. You're a scholar. A student struggles to find a topic worth writing about; a true scholar, however, always has more writing topics in mind than he has time to write. A student wants to be successful; a scholar is driven by the curiosity to know. Understanding the difference between a student and a scholar is crucial for succeeding in graduate school.

The infographic below shows you a short summary of the differences between college and grad school, and the skills you need to excel in getting your masters. Good luck!

Michael J. Douma is assistant research professor and director of the Georgetown Institute for the Study of Markets and Ethics in the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University. His next book, Creative Historical Thinking, will be published by Routledge

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