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The Honors Program for Influential College Conservatives [Video]

It was my sophomore year. I had just begun writing for the campus newspaper, and some classmates of mine who were involved in the ISI Society on campus encouraged me to get involved with ISI, too. I came to realize that there was something unique to ISI’s project. The Honors Program provides young thinkers and leaders with a community we wouldn’t have otherwise. It has given me the resources I need to develop myself, and it has grounded me in a community of inquiry. The Honors Program gave me a place in the great conversation that has been going on for centuries. It gave me context. And it has helped me to carry my work forward.


Sarah Albers is from Mississippi (near Elvis’s birthplace, for those who care) and studies politics, journalism, and philosophy at Hillsdale College. She is hoping to either go into journalism or continue her studies in graduate school, working on new natural law theory. Her favorite feature of conservatism is probably its obdurate refusal to relinquish what it knows to be its own: even when it cannot express what it must or say what it wishes, it knows its grounds and holds to them.

honors 2016 ir feature The ISI Honors Program is a highly selective program that introduces you to the West’s intellectual tradition and connects you with a mentor who will guide you through reading projects and advise you on intellectual questions and career options. You can learn more here. The application deadline is February 26, so apply today!


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