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Has Cultural Diversity Become the Death Knell for Anyone Who Is Gay?

With the recent massacre in San Bernardino, California, the gunning down of a police officer in Philadelphia in the name of Islam, and, just now, the protests happening in Cologne, Germany, the most important issue in the upcoming election is immigration. When Representative Luis Gutiérrez stated in a House floor speech that he and other immigrants were to be “the new American coalition that will dominate politics for decades,” I was unaware that the political spectrum was to be dominated by radical jihadists and sexual assailants. Voting in the 2016 election should be a no-brainer for the gays or gay conservatives. (You got your marriage. How do you feel about keeping your life?) Electing a Democrat might ensure that this country becomes another Iraq or Iran through amnesty, mass immigration, and the abhorrent ‘anchor baby’ policy. 

Hillary Clinton made to the Human Rights Campaign ten promises for her “potential administration's pro-LGBT agenda.” But she forgot about her eleventh promise: that each gay person be given a Serta queen mattress to land on once they’re catapulted off the highest rooftop. Liberals, and I would suspect some Republicans, must think that when a gay person is thrown off of a building that they magically land in Dupont Circle. If there’s one perceived “minority” on the political landscape that should be aware of immigration, it’s the gays. Are Leftists conscious that Muslims vehemently despise them? 

Journalist Brigitte Gabriel is correct in stating that peaceful Muslims are irrelevant in comparison to the radicals and that most Muslims have admitted that they cannot assimilate to Western civilization. So let's not bring over honor killings and a rape culture from certain home countries. Liberals are perpetual nannies, combining contentious cultural groups in one setting and then expecting each one to “play nice.” Left-wing professors, still misty-eyed over the promises of “multiculturalism,” are the most ardent enforcers of the apocryphal, Orwellian on-campus slogan: “Diversity is a strength!” How does mass immigration of primitive cultures benefit the gays? I remain convinced that if a Muslim shot or beheaded a gay student on campus, liberal professor brains would explode.  

If the gays wish to continue with their drag bingo nights, Friday night cocktail specials, and Grindr escapades—which are now starting to become dangerous in a different way thanks to radical Islam—I would recommend voting for a presidential candidate with the strongest policies on immigration, unless we all want personal run-ins with a Tashfeen Malik or a Syed Farooq in the coming years. I, personally, would not like that, nor would I want to be thrown from a rooftop.


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