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President’s Letter

A new look. Same promise.


You might notice a new logo here on the Intercollegiate Studies Institute website. The change reflects our commitment to helping students, faculty, and our alumni deepen their understanding of conservative principles and defend liberty.

ISI has been doing this vital work for more than six decades. Our organization plays a unique role: building and maintaining a community of bright, deep-thinking college students and faculty who come together to learn the foundational ideas of Western civilization and to develop lifelong bonds that create a nationwide network of ISI alumni.

This work is more necessary than ever. Free speech and free intellectual inquiry have become endangered species on college campuses. Our students and faculty tell me their horror stories: A hollowed-out curriculum. Politicized classrooms. Protesters who go after anyone who questions progressive orthodoxy. Ignorance of or outright assaults on the achievements of the American Founding and Western civilization.

Given these escalating dangers, ISI has redoubled its commitment to serving, and growing, our community of intellectually curious conservatives centered on the college campus.

The new logo grew out of this focus on what drives ISI and how we can best help our students, faculty, and alumni. To advance our work, ISI has introduced a new look and a tightened brand, one we think better communicates who we serve and who we are as an organization.


The new logo, a stylized book, underscores ISI’s commitment to educating, to securing the promise of liberty by teaching foundational principles. The colors of the American flag point to the centrality of the United States in ensuring freedom.

The new tagline, meanwhile, speaks directly to thoughtful students, faculty, and alumni who understand the importance of living in freedom. These are the people who seek out ISI for the intellectual stimulation and community that too many colleges fail to provide. We don’t train activists; we educate talented, intellectually driven students and plug them into our alumni network. This is the community that has produced principled leaders in every corner of American life—leaders like Heritage Foundation founder Ed Feulner, Hillsdale College president Larry Arnn, Supreme Court justices Neil Gorsuch and Samuel Alito, and PayPal cofounder Peter Thiel, to name just a few. 

So, while our look is changing, our commitment to freedom, intellectual inquiry, and conservative thought endures.

Thank you for your support and for being part of the ISI community.

Think. Live free.


Charlie Copeland
President, Intercollegiate Studies Institute


Join ISI in DC on October 25

Violent protests on campus. Orwellian “free-speech zones.” Attacks on conservatives.

What is going on? And what can we do to preserve liberty?

Join ISI on October 25 for a Forum on Freedom, an afternoon of discussion and debate capped off with ISI’s thirteenth annual Dinner for Western Civilization. You’ll spend time with the ISI community and hear from an extraordinary roster of speakers.