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ISI Legacy Society

ISI's Legacy Society is a select group of dedicated patriots who have included ISI in their estate plans. Members are honored on the "Wall of Freedom" at ISI's F. M. Kirby Campus, and they also receive quarterly updates from ISI President Charlie Copeland and invitations to special events throughout the year.

Planned gifts can allow you to enjoy in your lifetime the benefits of making a substantial gift to ISI. They can also

  • Increase your current income
  • Decrease your income taxes
  • Reduce, or eliminate, capital gains and estate taxes
  • Protect assets for your loved ones
Donor Stories

Fred Simoons: Longtime Reader of ISI Publications. Professor Fred Simoons has read ISI publications since the 1950s and has been an especially loyal reader of the Intercollegiate Review. His studies in cultural geography took him around the world, which increased both his appreciation for the Western tradition and his alarm that colleges and universities were increasingly abandoning that tradition for an intellectually flaccid political correctness.
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Mimi Prentice: Patron of the ISI Honors Program. Mrs. Mimi Prentice had a long and interesting life—first as a stage performer and then as wife to Spelman Prentice, grandson of John D. Rockefeller.

But she didn’t begin supporting ISI until 2000. After her husband’s death, she was cleaning out his study and came across numerous ISI journals, books, and materials. She then encouraged Spelman’s friends and family to make memorial donations to ISI, and in the process learned a great deal herself about ISI and its work to educate for liberty.
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Ambassador Patricia Herbold: Principled Leader with a Passion to Reach the Next Generation. ISI’s Ambassador Patricia L. Herbold Endowment Fund represents a powerful way to cultivate future leaders, giving the most promising college students the necessary grounding in foundational principles and practical wisdom.
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Neil Nobel: Weaver Fellow and Financial Adviser. ISI and the foundations of liberty have been important to Neil Nobel since his undergraduate years at Arizona State University, where he was president of ASU's Young Americans for Freedom.

In graduate school, Neil received a Richard M. Weaver Graduate Fellowship from ISI. As a financial planner in the Phoenix area, he advised local entrepreneur William McMeekin--whom he knew cared about the principles of liberty--to set up a trust supporting ISI's graduate fellowship program and other important causes.
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What to Give

Members of the ISI Legacy Society use a variety of methods. These include:

  • Cash, stocks, and bonds: These can be given outright, through an annuity, or through a trust (see "How and When to Give" below).
  • Land or real estate: ISI can receive gifts of property, and through a retained life estate you might even be able to continue living on the property.
  • Retirement assets (such as an IRA): You have the ability to name ISI as the beneficiary of your retirement assets, keeping your assets out of probate and ensuring that they get to work right away after your passing.
  • Insurance: Similar to retirement accounts, you have the ability to name ISI as the beneficiary of your insurance policy. This can be done at any time without the expense and hassle of retaining a lawyer to change your will.


How and When to Give

A number of options are available to you when you're considering a planned gift. Some of the most common planned giving vehicles include:

  • Bequest: A provision in your will directing a gift to the Intercollegiate Studies Institute. This can be for a percentage of your estate or a specific dollar amount.
  • Charitable Gift Annuity: An agreement to transfer assets to ISI, in exchange for which ISI will pay you a fixed income for life.
  • Charitable Remainder Unitrust (CRUT): Establishes a trust within ISI that pays you a fixed percentage each year of the fair market value of the trust. You can make additional gifts to the trust at any time, and your annual payout may even increase over time based on market conditions.
  • Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust (CRAT): Establishes a trust managed by ISI (or a third party whom you designate) that will pay you a fixed amount each year.
  • Retained Life Estate: An agreement that deeds a residence or farm to ISI but gives you the right to live there for the remainder of your life or a term of years.

​Talk with your financial adviser about which planned giving method might work best for you—and please contact ISI's planned giving director if you have any questions about how to make your gift.

Contact the ISI Team

The ISI planned giving team is ready to answer your questions about making a legacy gift. Please contact Tom Cusmano by phone at (302) 524-6147 or by e-mail at