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Bart J. Spruyt

Dr. Bart Jan Spruyt is co-Founder and currently Secretary and Treasurer of the Edmund Burke Foundation. He studied history at the University of Utrecht and subsequently completed a Ph.D. in Theology at the Divinity Faculty of Leiden University. Upon graduation, he took up a position at the news desk of the Reformatorisch Dagblad (one of Holland's six national daily newspapers), eventually becoming the paper's chief political correspondent. In October 2002, he left the newspaper to become a director at the Edmund Burke Foundation, Holland's only conservative think tank. He has published widely in Dutch newspapers and magazines and is a regular commentator on Dutch radio and TV. He has edited a concise version of Burke's Reflections on the Revolution in France. A collection of his essays on conservative political and intellectual history was published by Balans Publishers (Amsterdam) in May 2003.

Dr. Spruyt writes frequently in the Dutch press and has made numerous television and radio appearances arguing for limitations to Islamic immigration and in favor of policy measures to retain and reinforce the traditional Christian and Western character of the Netherlands. He has also served as a consultant to Geert Wilders, a member of the Dutch parliament who is outspoken in his opposition to Islamic immigration.