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Join the battle of ideas

ISI seeks motivated, talented men and women dedicated to inspiring college students to discover, embrace, and advance the principles and virtues that make America free and prosperous.

ISI was founded in 1953 to teach students the timeless ideas of America and the West – ideas like free enterprise and individual liberty that have increasingly come under attack. Our mission remains the same to this day: inspiring college students to discover, embrace, and advance the principles and virtues that make America free and prosperous.

To accomplish this mission, we offer a wide range of programs to students across the country, including leadership conferences, professional journalism fellowships, campus lectures and debates, and graduate fellowships. Today, ISI alumni can be found in influential positions at America’s leading think tanks, media outlets, universities, and companies, with countless more serving as leaders in their communities.

We work together in a collaborative, entrepreneurial environment to identify the next generation of leaders who will follow in their footsteps. That’s what drives everything we do at ISI—the chance to have a far-reaching impact and ensure a better America for this generation and the next.

Sound like your mission too? Take a few minutes to check out our open positions: 


The Senior Development Associate is responsible for identifying, securing and maintaining a caseload of donors in one of the following target regions: Southwest, Southeast, or Midwest.  The anticipated caseload for each region generates base revenues of $1 million annually. He/she will be challenged through performance based incentives to exceed this goal in a manner that builds long-term relationships to increase annual giving over time.

The Collegiate Network Associate manages a caseload of student campus journalists at targeted schools throughout the country. He or she works as a member of the student programs and outreach team and is responsible for implementing measurable annual recruitment goals, objectives, and priorities for ISI.

The Intercollegiate Management Fellowship (IMF) marries the world of ideas with professional development. The two-year work fellowship provides a full-time programmatic role at ISI to selected applicants. In these roles, fellows navigate through a three-pillar curriculum comprising intellectual tradition, leadership, and personal development. The program further takes shape via IMF reading groups, regular colloquia, professional outings, portfolio-building events, and a capstone project.

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