Save Western Civilization.

ISI seeks motivated, talented men and women to join in work of great and lasting importance.

The American conservative movement began with the Intercollegiate Studies Institute in 1953. Headquartered between New York and D.C. in Wilmington, Delaware, ISI is seeking dynamic, creative individuals who can help ISI lead its campus-based efforts to expand economic freedom and individual liberty.

Since its founding by libertarian journalist Frank Chodorov and a young William F. Buckley Jr., ISI has been “educating for liberty” by inspiring college students to discover, embrace, and advance the principles and virtues that make America free and prosperous. We are looking for energetic individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit who can help us as we advance our mission to greater numbers of students, introducing them to the core ideas behind the free-enterprise system, the American Founding, and Western civilization.

We are looking for “organizational entrepreneurs” who are results-oriented, are driven to succeed on behalf of ISI’s mission, and can think outside the box as we develop new and more effective strategies to reach students with our message. We have created a fun and rewarding work environment for freedom-loving conservatives who want to make a big impact in the growing movement to lead America to new heights of freedom, prosperity, and security.

Current Openings